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Today's Most: Family finds $300,000 in buried treasure

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Here's TODAY'S MOST for Monday, September 2nd.

TODAY'S MOST... Incredible Discovery: A family searching for treasure buried at the bottom of the sea, actually found a massive amount of treasure at the bottom of the sea! The Schmitt family in Florida found gold coins and jewelry worth about $300,000. The discovery was made only 15 feet down, about 150 yards from shore. The family's been using its boat to look for treasure for years, but this is by far its biggest find. The gold is apparently 300 years old, and came from Spanish ships that crashed off the Florida coast.

TODAY'S MOST... Strange Target for Thieves: Two men tried to sneak into Wrigley Field in Chicago to steal the stadium's famous ivy. The two men from Pennsylvania actually managed to sneak in and made it to the field, but team security spotted them on surveillance cameras. When the cops arrived, they found the two actually trying to steal the ivy that's on the home run wall. The two men were charged with misdemeanor trespassing.

TODAY'S MOST... Bizarre Reason A Woman Went to the Hospital: Christie Black had to go to the hospital because she injured herself while trying to remove money from inside her backside. The woman allegedly stole $5,000 from her boyfriend during the night, and when the couple tried to get the money out, that ended up causing injuries. There are quite a few interesting/disturbing details to this story. Black faces a theft charge. 

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