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Today's Most: Man wears sign in public shaming

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Here's Today's Most for Tuesday, September 3rd:

TODAY'S MOST...Public Display of Shame: A man stood in front of a police station in Cleveland wearing a sign. The sign was an apology for threatening to kill an officer. Part of the sign read, "I apologize to Officer Simone and all police officers for being an idiot." Richard Dameron didn't come up with the idea for the sign on his own, a judge ordered him to wear it as part of a sentence. Originally Dameron was supposed to wear the sign in June, but he didn't show up. So the judge sentenced him to more time in jail, and again ordered him to stand out in front of the station. 

TODAY'S MOST...Embarrassing Moment for John McCain: John McCain was caught playing video poker during Tuesday's intense hearings on Syria. Our senator from Arizona's been one of the most vocal supporters of military strikes against Syria, but he apparently had a few minutes just to see if he could come up with a straight flush. McCain at least had fun after he got busted, tweeting about it.

TODAY'S MOST...Upset Family with a Local Police Department: A family in South Carolina came home to a note on the front door. The note said police had shot and killed the family dog. The police got a call from a jogger who said the dog, Kenya, chased while the person jogged down the street. When officers arrived on the scene, Kenya was back on his family's property. An officer claims the dog came at him, and he fired in self-defense. The family, and some neighbors, say the dog was never aggressive and think the police didn't have to kill the dog.

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