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Rosh Hashanah gives a time for reflection, concern for Israel

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

As of Wednesday night, the Jewish year 5774 has arrived.  Hundreds rang in the new year at Temple Emanu-El in midtown after sunset.

"It's these days that allow us to look at our lives, to really reflect on what we want to accomplish in life. And we don't really get that much opportunity to do that regularly," said Temple Emanu-El Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon.

"It means an opportunity to start anew, thinking about things I've done that I've not been very happy with and try to improve them, things that I've done that I've been happy with and continue to enjoy them," said choir member Carol Zuckert.

The High Holy Days happen during the ten days of repentance, which end on Yom Kippur or the day of atonement.  The time is one of spiritual awakening and renewal, repentance, remembering of moved ones who passed on, and being thankful for what we have.  The time can also once again turn thoughts to Israel and the challenges it could face.  While pro-Israel organizations have shown support for a U.S. strike on Syria for the use of chemical weapons during a civil war, a retaliatory strike from the region against Israel was recognized among members of Wednesday's congregation as a possibility.

"I think that while they might also attack Israel if the u.s. Bombs them in the hopes of somehow catalyzing the Arab world, I'm not particularly worried about it. The Israelis have a pretty effective military, they have a lot of missile batteries they will put up," Rabbi Cohon said.

"Sad, sad shape. The whole Syria event, all the things around them, it's just very sad and what's going to happen in this world, I don't know," Zuckert said.

"I'm worried about the conditions right now. I don't want war. I've had enough of it. We all have. And I'm worried about Israel," said temple member Gladys Hanfling.

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