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Attorneys respond to alleged student assault by principal

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

This case of a local high school principal who allegedly assaulted his stepdaughter's boyfriend is now in the hands of the city attorney.

The alleged assault took place off Wilmot and Garden Stone.

Dr. Bonn remains on paid administrative leave while this investigation continues.

In a press release, Dr. Bonn's lawyer Brad Roach calls Roman Morales, Jr. a known drug user with a gun.

Roman Morales, Sr. says he doesn't have guns. "There are no guns in the house."

In police reports, Sahuaro High School Principal Dr. Chris Bonn says he hid in the cab of his pick up truck, concerned and angry after noticing his 17-year-old stepdaughter was not home.

When she showed up after 2:30 in the morning, Bonn told police he thought her boyfriend had a gun so he approached Roman Morales Jr.'s car, pulled open the door and started punching him.

"If he had concerns about his daughter being out late, he could have called police and had a curfew violation written up for her," said criminal defense attorney Jessie Smith. "If he had concerns for his safety, he should have dialed 911."

The family released pictures to Tucson News Now that show Morales's injuries after the alleged assault. Doctors have said he suffered a concussion.

In a press release, Bonn's lawyer Brad Roach says his client acted in self defense  because Morales had pointed a gun at him in the past.

In police reports, Bonn states this happened off school property while Bonn was a principal at Santa Rita High School and Morales, Jr. was a student there.

"If this young man had previously pointed a gun at Mr. Bonn, Mr. Bonn knows he's a student," said Smith. "It's incredible to think that a high school principal would not report to Santa Rita High School where this guy is attending that he poses a danger or is involved in drug dealing or anything of that sort."

"Roman has never been in trouble with the law," his father said. "The most Roman has had is traffic ticket for a tail light that was out."

We reached out to Roach for a comment. He says he sticks by his statements and has declined to comment further.

Bonn has now filed a restraining order against Morales, forbidding him from seeing his daughter.

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