Unequal funding for traditional vs. non-traditional classes

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Technology is opening up newworlds to students, allowing them to take online classes.  However, these web courses can leavetraditional schools shortchanged.

Hereis how it works – a student takes a full course load at the Vail SchoolDistrict, that brings a certain amount of money to that Vail School; if thestudent takes an online course, a piece of the pie is diverted to the onlineschool.  For some this makes sense,unless of course it is a summer online class.

Students take a full course loadin the spring and fall, but a portion of the money received is taken from thedistrict due to the summer online course.

Some districts across the stateare upset, claiming they unfairly lose money. Vail District officials say there is some small concern over losing a fewthousand dollars to online schools, but the bigger concern is controlling thequality of the classes the students take.

According to officials at theVail District a few bills that would have closed the loopholes in educationhave been introduced in Phoenix, but have died in committee.    Thesame officials point out there are 'bigger fish to fry' over funding, like thedifference in funds for charter schools and traditional schools.

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