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Monsoon 2013 decreases drought severity in Arizona

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Arizona is in the last month of the monsoon, which runs from June 15th through September 30th.  

Even with rain piling up in some areas of the state, over 75% of Arizona is still experiencing some level of drought conditions. 

The latest U.S. Drought Monitor update is below. 

The information is gathered each Tuesday with the update released every Thursday morning. 

Although much of the state remains in drought, the monsoon downpours so far have helped alleviate dry conditions in some areas. 

Below is the U.S. Drought Monitor update from June 11, 2013. 

This is the update that was in effect for Arizona when the monsoon began on June 15th. 


Week Nothing D0-D4 D1-D4 D2-D4 D3-D4 D4
June 11, 2013 0.00 100.00 92.49 72.23 19.67 0.00
September 3, 2013 0.00 100.00 76.23 42.31 15.55 1.94

The amount of area experiencing drought conditions (D1-D4) in Arizona dropped by over 16% from June 11 to September 3, 2013. 

By comparing the two maps above you can see drought conditions have mainly improved along the Mexico border. 

This area has been hit hard by the monsoon.  

In Douglas, the monsoon is already the wettest on record. 

Check out monsoon rain totals from the Tucson National Weather Service below. 

Coming up this weekend a surge of tropical moisture will move into Arizona.

This surge is traveling north from a Tropical Depression centered just off the west-central coast of Mexico on Thursday morning. 

Track the Tropics at

The increase of moisture raises the monsoon storm threat this weekend, which means the rain totals shown above could increase before the end of the monsoon this month. 

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