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Today's Most: Juggler on unicycle performs for drivers at red lights

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TODAY'S MOST...Strange sight drivers see when stopped at red lights: We've all spent time stopped at red lights in our vehicles. But have you ever seen a man on a unicycle start juggling in the middle of the street while you are stopped at a red light? Christian Munoz performs for cars in Santiago, Chile. He says he makes as much as $100 dollars a day, and enjoys the danger of performing in the middle of a busy street. You can see the video of Munoz in action. Do you think this would fly in Southern Arizona?

TODAY'S MOST...Bizarre job interview: A college graduate said he was asked to dance during a job interview. He was interviewed to be a salesman at an electronics store in Great Britain. The man said he was horrified and embarrassed during the interview. The store apologized, and said it doesn't usually require applicants to dance during interviews. The song that was played was by Daft Punk.

TODAY'S MOST...Repentant robbery suspect: A man from New Mexico robbed a bank in Las Vegas. The man then called 911 on himself - to report exactly what he'd done. Matthew Romero said he'd robbed the bank because he was upset his marriage was dissolving and some medication he was on wasn't working. I wonder if that will change anything at sentencing.


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