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Police report reveals what led to alleged child abuse on Southeast side

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

We're learning new details about a child abuse case that left a boy seven days shy of his first birthday in the hospital clinging to life.

Police say 11-month-old Joshua is not doing so well. His grandmother cried when Tucson News Now asked about his condition. She has been by his side at University of Arizona Medical Center all afternoon Thursday as the child abuse investigation into the boy's mother and her live-in boyfriend continue.

Police reports reveal officers found drug paraphernalia after searching the family's southeast side apartment. Specifically, they found a brown box with a meth pipe and a broken marijuana pipe. Joshua's grandmother tells Tucson News Now the last time she visited the apartment was a week ago and it was filthy.

Reports also reveal Child Protective Services paid a visit to the apartment and removed four children belonging to a woman who also lived with the family.

Reporter Matt Mendes was determined to get answers and spoke to the mother of at least three children taken by CPS.

Matt: "Did your kids get taken away by CPS?" Liz: "I'm not talking to the news people." Matt: "What happened here?" Liz: "Nothing happened here."

This stemming from Monday when the child's mother, Diana Noncheva, told investigators her live-in boyfriend Bryan Barker accidentally dropped Joshua as he was taking him out of the bath tub. Barker put ice on the baby's head to try and stop the swelling.

When Noncheva got home from work, the baby was still unresponsive, so the couple called a friend about an hour later to take them and the baby to the hospital.

Debra Washington, a Tucson resident, said, "Some parents make mistakes, yes, parents learn but if it was an accident, you'd bring him in right away, you wouldn't wait."

The couple is facing child abuse charges for not taking the baby to the hospital right away. Barker is facing an additional charge for causing the injury.

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