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Today's Most: Rich man puts up billboard asking for a date

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TODAY'S MOST...Unusual way to ask for a date: A rich man who's bummed about his dating situation decided the best way to get a date is to pay for a huge billboard. Gordon Engle put up the billboard in Chicago. It says, "I'm Gordon, let's have dinner," and shows him playing the guitar. As if that's not interesting enough, it turns out Engle doesn't even live in Chicago. That's where he was born, but he now lives in Charlotte, NC. Engle put up a billboard in Charlotte this spring, but apparently he didn't find Mrs. Right. Engle also built a website called Engle says he spent a few thousand dollars on the billboard, and has already gotten 15 to 20 solid "leads."

TODAY'S MOST...Bizarre type of hunting license: A town in Colorado might soon issue licenses that would let people hunt drones. Do drones fly over the town of Deer Trail, no. But there's been a lot of attention since one person who lives in the town floated the idea. People from England and Canada have applied. Some people who live in the town think this could turn into a way to bring tourists into town. Deer Trail will apparently vote on whether or not to issue the licenses next month.


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