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New and improved Gradlink 2 kicks off today

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A program launches in just a few hours geared toward helping students that have dropped out of high school and want to finish. 

It is called ‘Gradlink 2' and is relaunching in the Tucson area. 

Gradlink 2 is run by the Sunnyside School District, but will not be run like a traditional classroom. It is meant to be flexible, so as many students as possible can enroll; this program has been tweaked and improved since the original program began back in January.

Gradlink 2 is the newly expanded program for students that have left school, but now want to come back and graduate.

In January the original Gradlink program started with 21 students.  For this newly improved fall semester, Gradlink 2 is lowering or dropping some of the old standards.

All students between the ages of 17 to 21 will be accepted; they do not have to be from the Sunnyside District, they can be from anywhere in Pima County. 

Mayor Rothschild is highlighting the program, stating according to numbers, "If you drop out of high school, you will not come out of poverty."

Students are in more specialized centers as well, teacher-mentors are available and the students will be able to use laptops to do coursework at home.

The official launch for Gradlink 2 begins at noon today.

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