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East Texans hold up car to save teen driver


A group of good Samaritans may have helped save an East Texas teen's life yesterday. It happened Sunday just after noon on HG Mosley Parkway in Longview. 17-year-old, Colton Macdonald was trapped in his car after crashing. Nearly twenty passersby rushed to lift the car off of his body while waiting for emergency responders.

They all heard the crash. One man in swim trunks ran from the pool to the scene. Another woman in sweat pants rushed out of her house.

"Everyone was real concerned, trying to console the guy," Casey Albritton, one of the people who helped lift the car, said.

Casey and Courtney Albritton, who live across the street from the accident site, were driving home from church when they saw the car.

"We saw cars parked with flashers on and we saw people running across the road from the apartments and cars that had pulled up over behind the truck," he said.

They pulled over and both immediately ran to help.

According to officials, the driver was speeding when he lost control of the vehicle. It drove up onto a grassy area and across a driveway. It then hit a parked car before coming to rest upside down.

Colton Macdonald was alive, but those helping say they could tell by the position of his body that if they dropped the car, he may not survive.

"You could tell like his body was just like smashed, in an awkward position, and you could hear him moaning and saying it hurts," Courtney Albritton said.

Casey said he held the car for about five minutes with the others, all the while, trying to calm the driver.

"You're going to be okay, we're helping, EMT's are on their way, just stuff like that," he said.

More than twenty people, both men and women, and of varying ages, stopped to help.

"Just did what we're supposed to do, did the right thing," because, he says, they'd hope the same would be done for them if they were in trouble.

Macdonald was taken to Good Shepherd Medical Center in Longview. His condition was not released, but he is no longer at the hospital.

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