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Today's Most: Batman and Captain America save cat from burning home

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TODAY'S MOST Incredible Job Saving a Cat by two "Superheroes": This seems like a joke but isn't. Two men dressed as superheroes rushed into a burning house to save a cat. This happened in Milton, West Virginia. A man dressed as Batman and another as Captain America were performing at an American Legion when they saw smoke. "Batman" actually used to be a fireman, so he knew what to do. The two men ran to the burning home and went inside to see if anyone or anything was inside. Turns out, a cat was inside. "Batman", who's real name is John Buckland, says he actually had to give the cat mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. We can report the cat is OK. What do you think firefighters' first reaction was when they arrived on the scene?

TODAY'S MOST Brutal Surprise for a College Expecting a Record-Breaking Gift: Centre College in Kentucky found out the $250 million dollar gift that was promised to the school earlier this year will not be given. The gift was promised by the Eugene Brockman Trust, and was going to be the largest gift to a private liberal arts school in history. However, the gift apparently was contingent on something happening involving companies owned a graduate of the college. That "something" didn't happen, so the money's gone. The money would have created 160 scholarships per year for students to study business, science, and economics.

TODAY'S MOST Amazing Discovery: Famous painter Vincent van Gogh died back in 1890, but today we have a "new" van Gogh painting. A painting that had been in an art collector's attic for years was authenticated by the van Gogh museum, and will now go on display. This is the first van Gogh painting discovered since 1928. The museum authenticated it by doing a 2-year investigation, and said van Gogh actually described the painting in a letter to his brother. The painting's named "sunset at Montmajour."

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