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Protesters call for SUSD board member resignation

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

 The Sunnyside School District canceled their board meeting Tuesday when not enough board members were able to make it.

Despite the last-minute cancellation, dozens of protesters showed up, calling for the resignation of board member Bobby Garcia.

School board members and the community got notice about three hours before the scheduled meeting.

"I want them to know we are not going away; we will be back," said state senator Linda Lopez with Legislative District 2. "We will come to every board meeting till this issue gets set on the right track."

About two dozen protesters held signs outside the closed doors, speaking out against board member Garcia.  they are calling his past into question. personnel reports and internal affairs documents we have just obtained from Tucson police indicate Garcia was suspended for twenty days while he was a police officer back 1997.

Documents state Garcia was involved in a relationship with an underage girl that started when she was 15..

We checked with Tucson Police. Garcia was never charged with a crime. A spokeswoman tells me Garcia left the department in good standing after 25 years.

But for the residents out here today, that's not good enough. They're demanding answers.

"That doesn't mean he didn't do something wrong.  A 20-day suspension for having an inappropriate relationship with under age girl. We have to question TPD and why they handled the investigation like this.. If it was me having an inappropriate relationship with a minor, I would be fired, arrested, and go to prison."

We reached out to bobby Garcia for a comment tonight and left several messages. 

Garcia is now speaking out, saying the allegations are unfounded and claims this is retaliation by a disgruntled family member after a custody battle.

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