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UA team exploring new uses for smart phones

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A University of Arizona team is working on the next generation of cell-phone network, one which would give rural areas the same high-speed connections as cities and pave the way to controlling our home appliances through mobile apps.

The Broadband Wireless Access and Applications Center is led by the U of A.  It's a project of several universities, backed by National Science Foundation funding of nearly $1.6 million over the next five years, and industry support of about $4 million.

In addition to theUA, BWAC's founding members include Auburn University, Virginia Tech, theUniversity of Virginia, Notre Dame and about 20 industry partners.

The project is also looking for new frequencies in which cell phones can operate.  It's also exploring fully integrated wireless hospitals, and the design of circuitry that operates on minimal power.

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