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Today's Most: Inspiring 9/11 tribute from first responder

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

TODAY'S MOST...Inspiring Story: One of the men who rushed down to Ground Zero and tried to save lives back on September 11th, 2001, is now doing something equally heroic. P. J. Schrantz started a foundation to try to help the families of children suffering from life-threatening illnesses. Schrantz was a firefighter and first responder, and his son died of leukemia back in 2003. He's doing this new venture in his son's honor. He's especially trying to help first responders, firefighters, police officers, and military members who have sick children. You can't watch this story without becoming emotional. 

TODAY'S MOST...Interesting Way to Try to Smuggle Drugs: A woman was arrested after police found two kilos of cocaine inside her fake stomach. The woman wore a latex stomach and pretended to be pregnant. She tried to leave Bogota, Colombia and fly to her home in Canada, but police at the Bogota airport weren't fooled. A policewoman touched the belly, and realized it was cold, hard, and fake. The cocaine would have been worth about $60,000 in Canada. Now the woman could spend 8 years in prison in Colombia.

TODAY'S MOST...Unwise Political Fundraising Idea: Florida Republican Rick Scott canceled a fundraiser after the invitations caused a lot of controversy. For $25,000, donors would get the chance to go on a "private gator hunt." Some people in Florida had issues with the fundraiser because alligators are the unofficial mascot of the state, and there was a question of how the campaign would make sure all the guests actually had alligator hunting licenses.

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