Repairs to Nogales Wash are complete

TUCSON, AZ (TNN) – Earlier this summer the Nogales Wash yet again hosted a construction site.  Now the repairs are complete to prevent a break in a major sewage line from Mexico.

As soccer season gears up in Nogales, Tony Garcia watched his four year old son Santiago practice his footwork Wednesday night.  But Garcia also knew that the field wasn't far from the Nogales Wash, and a major sewage pipe from Mexico that carries millions of gallons of raw sewage each day to a Rio Rico treatment plant.

"Something that's in the back of minds, I believe of a lot of Nogales residents just because, you know, if it were to happen to break, there's major biohazards," Garcia said.

A major repair to the wash bank and the concrete surrounding the pipe wrapped up a few weeks ago.  The International Boundary and Water Commission footed the $800,000 repair bill to make sure that the pipe is protected from powerful monsoon waters that have ripped up concrete walls on the wash in the past.  A pipe break could send raw sewage into the Santa Cruz River north toward Tucson.

"It's a quick fix, you know, to make sure, to keep our residents and piece of mind that, at least, but you know something needs to happen to get it repaired on a more permanent basis," Garcia said.

The cost of moving the line out of harm's way has been estimated at $60 million, which would take an act of Congress to get that kind of federal funding.

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