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U of A helping develop next generation of wireless tech

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Many people's cell phones might be running on the newest, fastest 4G cell network, and when the next update comes it could be due to work at the U of A.

These developers are working on the next cell phone networks, high speed wireless internet that people can connect to at home, work, on the road, maybe even in the driverless cars that are also being worked on at the U of A.

There are 20 companies and five universities collaborating and the University of Arizona is at the forefront – specifically the Electrical and Computer Engineering department is.

The group will be using more than $5 million over the next five years to develop the next generation of wireless technology.  Think of it as 5G cell service, much faster than what is available now.  They are also working on faster wireless technology, where users could use their cell phone to control technology in their homes, or enable hospitals to go fully wireless, or even bring city strength signals to rural communities where it was not available before.

Developers are saying there are a lot of possibilities.  This does not mean that Tucson will be the first to get the newest technology, but the groundbreaking research is happening right here in the Old Pueblo.

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