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Today's Most: Fish wins ugliest animal in the world contest

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TODAY'S MOST...Unfortunate Contest Winner: That award goes to the blobfish. The name fits the fish. It won a contest, voted on by 3,000 people, to choose the ugliest animal in the world. The blobfish lives very deep in the ocean and is rarely seen by people. The contest was put together by a group that's actually trying to save endangered species, and the blobfish will now become the group's mascot. A type of monkey, type of salamander, water frog, and parrot also battled for the crown. I have to say I agree with the vote.

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TODAY'S MOST...Interesting Statistic Involving Men and Women: Women have now recovered all of the job losses they incurred during the Great Recession. Men, on the other hand, still are 2.1 million jobs short. The difference is due to the fact women and men tend to do different jobs. Men dominate construction and manufacturing, fields that are still hurting. Women often work in retail, health care, and education - all fields that have come back.

TODAY'S MOST...Surprising Announcement by a Lawmaker: The president of the state senate in Massachusetts warned all of her colleagues to stop eating and hiding food and candy under their desks. The reason for the surprising announcement is that mice are coming in and trying to find the sweets. The senate building is in the middle of an upgrade, and workers found many of the microphone wires at senator's desks were chewed by mice. Senate President Therese Murray said if the candy needs to stay, at least it should be sealed tightly so mice don't get a scent.

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