New metal theft law

A new metal theft law that will go into effect in Friday, and will change things for scrap metal dealers and sellers.

The Pima County Metal Theft Task Force and law enforcement agencies like Tucson Police are hoping House Bill 2262 will halt metal theft.

The law requires several things from the scrap metal dealers. The first - dealers will be required to register with the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

"What that will do, is to deter pop up metal dealers that advertise on craigslist and are often purchasing knowingly stolen metals," said Amber Smith from Metropolitan Pima Alliance.

Dealers will also have to make a record of all transaction less than $25. That means getting the date and time of the transaction, a driver's license and the seller has to be finger printed.

Another key part of the law, deals with AC units and the copper coils inside. A seller can turn these coils in and get cash. Once HB 2262 is in play though, the seller will have their information written down and instead of getting cash the seller will receive a check.  TPD is hoping this part of the law will cut down on the number of AC unit thefts.

As of June 2013, there have been more than 400 reports of metal theft in the City of Tucson.  In 2012, there were more than 900 reports of metal theft, costing the city $3 million.

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