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Colorado & New Mexico rainfall totals

Flash floods have plagued the Colorado Front Range for days and there is little relief in sight as we inch into the weekend. Rainfall totals are more than impressive out of some areas of the state of Colorado. In less than two hours, the southwest part of Colorado Springs saw 8.2" of rain with a running 24 hour total of 12 inches! Within that 24 hour span, that 12 inches is more rain than Tucson and Phoenix has seen all year combined (5.48" for Tucson and 5.60" for Phoenix). To the right of the article are pictures out of Colorado and a map showing radar estimated rainfall since Tuesday.

The flooding has not been limited to just Colorado; New Mexico has seen its fair share of rain over the past week. Along Interstate 40 on the eastern side of the state near Tucumcari, over a foot of rain has fallen in remote areas. Where as the Colorado flooding is happening in highly populated regions the New Mexico floods are in high plateau regions that are extremely rural and not affecting many towns or cities. On the right is another map showing radar estimated rainfall totals for New Mexico since Tuesday. 

Official rainfall totals since early Tuesday morning:

Eldorado Springs, CO: 14.60"
Boulder, CO: 12.30"
Aurora, CO: 11.88"
Colorado Springs, CO: 9.08"
Summer Lake, NM: 8"
Denver, CO: 5.8"
Roswell, NM: 5.46"
Centennial, CO: 3.99"
Tucumcari, NM: 3.81"
Las Vegas, NM: 3.22"
El Paso, TX: 3.01"
Albuquerque, NM: 1.45"

Bad news, the forecast is calling for more rain into the weekend. Possibly another 5-8 inches in isolated spots. Good news, next week is looking sunny and dry. This will help the waters recede and the clean up to begin.


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