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Local car sales soar, reflective of national trend

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

There are continuing signs the economy is recovering. Auto sales are among the best they've been since the recession started in 2007.

The big U.S. automakers all reported double digit sales gains in August and local dealers say they're seeing the trend here in Tucson as well. Local dealers say while August was busy, July was even busier.

"We're looking for a pick-up truck, something reliable," Simon Peres said. Peres and his wife are shopping for a new vehicle for their 17-year-old son.

"It's about time for him to drive his own vehicle," said Peres. "Right now, my wife takes him to school or I do. We have busy schedules so it's time for him to be independent."

Peres is one in millions purchasing a new car this summer. The majority of auto makers reported double-digit sales gains in August compared to last year. Sales of Hondas were up by 27 percent in August, followed by Toyota and Nissan. General Motors were up nearly 15 percent while Ford and Chrysler jumped by about 12 percent.

In Tucson, Holmes Tuttle Ford says July was its big month. New car sales soared by 32 percent.

"They've been saying for a long time, the average age of vehicles is at the highest its ever been," said James Newton, manager of Holmes Tuttle Ford. "You have people with high mileage vehicles, couple that with rebates and low interest rates. Banks are buying, they're stronger than ever."

Mark Urias, who works across the street at Watson Chevrolet also said July was their busiest month with nearly a 40 percent spike in new car sales. "I think it's just the economy is getting a little stronger and people are feeling a little more confident."

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