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Baby rattler slithers into Youngtown assisted-living facility

(Source: CBS 5 News) (Source: CBS 5 News)

Mary Ellen Kun is a country girl at heart.

She grew up on a farm and spends her free time stitching up aprons inside her apartment at Ventana Winds Assisted Living Facility.

She said last week the home had a few uninvited guests.

"After the rains someone in the dining room started screaming and saw this little snake. The same day the little dog got bit just under the ear.  It was taken to the vet and is recovering," said Kun.

Kun told CBS 5 she grew up around snakes so she wasn't afraid. But not everyone felt that way, including her son.

"I was surprised. That's certainly dangerous for senior citizens," said Frank Thorwald.

Jeffery Hill works at Rattlesnake Solutions. Over the past several weeks he's been inundated with calls to capture little rattlesnakes.

"We've had a pretty good monsoon season and it's lasted a good period of time, so snakes are able to reproduce. They're having a successful clutch of babies," said Hill.

Hill said what happened at Ventana Winds is fairly uncommon.

"Rattlesnakes especially, we don't usually find them inside a structure or a house," said Hill.

But Hill said if you do, you shouldn't mess with it. Call the fire department or someone who is trained to remove snakes.

Kun's son told CBS 5 News he can rest easy now knowing that the fire department came and removed the snake. Kun said exterminators were also dispatched to the property.

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