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Tombstone business owners fight to keep town alive

Tombstone preps for upcoming Helldorado Tombstone preps for upcoming Helldorado
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Preparations are now underway to welcome thousands of tourists into Tombstone.

The old western town is getting ready for Helldorado Days, which is just a month from now.

Business owners are relying on these tourists to get out of the red.

This is part of the fun of coming to Tombstone. You get to feel like you're on the old wild west seven days a week. The town too tough to die may be seeing tough times but they continue to fight.

It's a town where outlaws take over down town streets every day.

As Tombstone works hard to preserve history, right now self preservation of this old way of life is the toughest fight they're facing.

"Yeah the businesses are struggling," said Natalia Reeves, Tombstone Photo owner. "Last year on my block ten businesses closed."

Business owners remember the hey days when these streets would be bustling seven days a week. Today, it's a little slower. 

"We need to get the word out about Tombstone," said Wyatt Earp Theatre owner James Ferguson. "I think people are forgetting about it. If we don't do something about it we'll be d.o.a I hope it's not true. We're working hard at it."

Ferguson is expanding the Wyatt Earp Theatre. He gave me a tour, sneak peek at the bed and breakfast and coffee shop he hopes to open in less than a month. Just in time for Helldorado. 

The town too tough to die is hoping to gain an upper hand in the fight to stay alive, when tourists flock into town.

"It's really going to give us a big boost, bring revenue into town," said Bronco Bill Pakinkis. "We don't consider people who visit Tombstone to be tourists, we consider them guests of Tombstone." 

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