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8-year old writes Santa hoping sister will stop being bullied

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TODAY'S MOST...Heartbreaking Letter: This handwritten note from an 8-year old is going viral. It's a Dear Santa letter, and in it Ryan Suffern asks Santa to stop his sister from being bullied. Ryan wrote that he had wanted things like a remote-controlled helicopter, but he doesn't want toys anymore. Instead he just wants people to stop picking on his fraternal twin sister Amber. Talking about the bullies, Ryan writes, "I prayed that they would stop but God is bisy and needs your help." The twins' mother shared the letter on facebook. The school where the kids go says its now aware of the bullying situation.

TODAY'S MOST...Heart-warming Story: People have donated over $20,000 dollars in about 24 hours to help a homeless man who showed impressive honesty. Glen James found a backpack outside a store in the Boston area over the weekend. The backpack had about $40,000 worth of cash and traveler's checks, and James flagged down police so they could return it to its rightful owner. The city of Boston honored him for his honesty, and then a person who never met him set up an on-line site for donations, eventually hoping to reach $50,000. 

TODAY'S MOST...Bizarre Roommate Situation: Students at Ohio State University discovered a complete stranger living in their basement. About 15 people lived in a college-type apartment building with a lot of different rooms. They thought a locked door on the first floor led to a storage closet, but instead it led to a basement where a guy named Jeremy had completely set up shop - he decorated the walls and everything. It turns out Jeremy's cousin had lived in the apartment building the previous year, so that's how he got the key. Once the other roommates realized what was going on, they had him pick up his stuff and leave.

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