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Arizona's 'greenest' workplaces

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Southern Arizona is participating in a competition on which company is the ‘greenest'.

"This unit hooks up in here," states Bill Osteen from Golden Eagle Distributors as he hooks up to what looks like any other gas pump, but this one is different, it delivers compressed natural gas. 

"We are in the process of converting vehicles in other places," said Osteen.  When Golden Eagle Distributors made the switch to clean fuel, it actually saved them money.

Osteen stated, "It's about a 40 percent reduction in fuel costs so in just a few years you can recoup your investment." 

Golden Eagle won the first ever Mrs. Green's World's Greenest Workplace challenge for adding energy saving lights and encouraging employees to recycle.

(Gina Murphy-Darling/ Mrs. Green's World)

"Anybody that's committed to moving their business practices and what they do with their carbon footprint in a greener direction we say come on apply," said Gina Murphy-Darling, of Mrs. Green's World.

Murphy-Darling hosts an internet radio show about all things green.  She stated her annual business competition is meant to inspire.

"The companies that get on board," stated Murphy-Darling. "They want to brag about what they're doing for the planet."

One local sports specialty retailer, is taking the mission of going green directly to its employees by encouraging them to ride to work.

"We have an extensive commuter program where we pay our employees ten cents per mile," stated Debbie Claggett from

The employees have gone a step further and made it a competition. also won the Green Workplace Challenge for its reuse of shipping boxes, in addition to solar panels and a water harvesting system. 

Every business in Southern Arizona can make small changes to ‘go green', one of the first steps is to start with recycling.

"It's not hard to get a blue bin and put it next to the trash can in your break room, at each person's desk and really start encouraging that," said Claggett.

Nominations for the ‘Greenest Workplace Challenge' are due by Friday.  For more information go online to

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