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Sunnyside School Board meets about alleged corruption rumors

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

More drama Thursday at a special Sunnyside School Board meeting. This time, some board members are mad at their fellow cohort accusing him of spreading rumors saying the district is corrupt.

A crowd of about 20 to 30 attended Thursday night, mostly in favor of board member Daniel Hernandez who some fellow board members are accusing of spreading a vicious lie. Some of those who came held signs and protested in a silent and very unusual way.

Their mouths covered in duct tape, angry they have no voice at tonight's special Sunnyside School Board Meeting. But, a testy exchange took place anyway.

"We're not allowed to speak," said one woman. "That's true," said one of the board members.

The meeting was all about board member Daniel Hernandez in political ads. Hernandez claims he is fighting against corruption within the district but some board members dispute that.

"We're going to write the auditor general and invite him in. We have nothing to hide," said Manuel Isquierdo, Sunnyside Superintendent.

Hernandez called in for part of the meeting to defend his comments.

"This was a statement on the fact that I think we have many issues on our governing board," said Daniel Hernandez, board member.

Many who attended agree. Beki Quintero, who supports Hernandez, said, "There has been issues in the district that have not been resolved and there are concerns that the community has."

With a majority vote, the board has decided to write Hernandez a letter, asking him to retract his statements or submit evidence of corruption.

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