UA graduate website makes Forbes Top 100 Best for Women list

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A University of Arizona graduate creates a website for womenand makes the Forbes Top 100 Best Websites for Women list.

Lauren McCabe Herpich's website  - Why Not Girl ( began with an initialinvestment of just $500 and the dedication of one budding entrepreneur.  The website defines how women 'can definetheir own personal success.'

Website development began in 2003, according to Herpich andwas launched in 2012.  75 women have beenfeatured in the website's popular 'Why Not Girl! Of the Week' column, whichcomes out every Wednesday.

Why Not Girl! was created as a forum for women to celebratemajor life decisions, but everyday adventures, according to Herpich.

"I think women tend to learn (and be inspired!) by example,which makes a feature like Why Not Girl! of the Week particularly valuable,"stated Meghan Casserly, an editor at Forbes, in a recent news release. "Keep 'emcoming!"

Thewebsite plans to continue sharing the stories of amazing everyday women andlooks to expand its resources by providing a platform where women can sign upfor offline activities in such areas as travel, outdoor adventures, health andfitness; as well as continue its weekly features that include Why Not Girl! ofthe week, the Why Not! Or Not? Weekly poll, and the Friday Why Not! Five list.