Bond election delayed

It's another indication the economy in Pima County is still weak and not recovering.

The Bond Advisory Committee agreed to postpone a Pima County bond election to 2015 or beyond.

the county hasn't had a bond election since 2004. It had planned to have an election in 2008 but the economic downturn got in the way.

It still is apparently.

The committee has $1.3 billion in requests sitting on its desk but the county's economic valuation would not be able to support that.

Public sentiment would probably not either and there's little chance the voters would approve.

So the committee was hoping to pare the list down to $500 million to $600 million to make it more palatable to the voters.

Even though there appears to be solid voter support. A recent survey request by the county resulted in 17,000 responses.

And no one showed up in opposition during a meeting at the Riverfront Inn, where the decision to delay was made.

The board decided to meet again in February, 2014 to begin discussions again.

An election could be delayed until the Spring of 2016.

Unless the county begins to show signs of a significant or sustained recovery, the election will continue to be postponed.

Much to the consternation of the committee chair, attorney Larry Hecker.

"These are incredible needs across the community, across the county," Hecker says. "There's a tremendous need for these improvements, these projects."