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Today's Most: Medical condition makes man drunk

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TODAY'S MOST...Bizarre medical condition that made a person appear to be drunk: This is truly stunning. A man in Texas had a condition where he appeared to be drunk. He swore that he wasn't secretly drinking, and that something was legitimately wrong with him. His own wife, who was a nurse, didn't believe him at first because he seemed to smell of alcohol. It took five years, but doctors finally figured out he had a condition called "auto-brewery syndrome", where a yeast infection of sorts caused yeast to ferment inside him and make him drunk! Doctors were able to treat the patient, and he's now symptom free.

TODAY'S MOST...Incredible catch: We all know that fishermen are known for telling tall tales about the big fish they catch or the ones that got away. But here's a man who actually has video and pictures to back up his big catch...of a 13 foot alligator. This happened in Louisiana, where hunting for gators isn't out of the ordinary. The gator is so big it wouldn't fit in his boat, so he had to use a piece of heavy machinery to get it where it needed to go. When it was finally weighed, the gator tipped the scales at 760 pounds.

TODAY'S MOST...Unbelievable secret document uncovered by an investigative reporter: An investigative reporter for The Guardian just uncovered a secret document that says the U.S. Almost mistakenly dropped a nuclear bomb on North Carolina in 1961. The two bombs were on-board a B-52 that broke up above North Carolina, and one of them was one "switch" away from actually going off. The fact that there was an accident over North Carolina is not a secret, but over time officials have always said there was not a real chance of anything bad happening. This secret document shows that something absolutely horrific almost DID happen. I think once this gets out it will be a huge story.

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