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Residents question CBP after Blackhawk lands in south side neighborhood

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Imagine a blackhawk helicopter landing in your neighborhood. That's what a couple dozen families on the south side woke up to Friday morning.

Cell phone video captured by a viewer shows a blackhawk helicopter landing in an open field at 8:30 a.m. The sights and sounds came as a surprise to many.

"I thought it was interesting. I thought it was cool, everybody was trying to see what was going on but nobody figured it out," said JP Soto, a witness.

Office of Air and Marine officials say the pilots had a safety concern so they landed to check things out. Jose Romero says the chopper hovered in the sky for at least a half an hour before landing. He thinks there's more to the story since he saw one of the agents get out, grab a package on the ground and return to the chopper.

"It looked very suspicious," said Romero. "A helicopter that size landing and the type of uniforms they were wearing."

"It didn't seem like the helicopter was having any problems," said one neighbor. "The helicopter sounded like it was a regular helicopter, it didn't have any put-put sound or anything like that."

But others like Soto say it appears agents could've had some kind of a problem. "Once it did land, I saw a guy go back in the street and another guy get off and check the tires," said Soto.

Officials say the chopper was on its way to patrol the desert but turned back and headed to base once determined it was okay to fly.

Officials say no one was in danger including the public or the crew.

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