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Suspects in murder of elderly couple make court appearance

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

New details are coming in on the killing of an elderly Tucson couple. 

Erskin and Mary Fulgham were found dead inside their midtown home back in July. Their grandson Kyle Drattlo, along with his friends Christopher Terry and Brianna Harding are charged with the murders.

Police reports reveal the suspects were planning to murder the couple and steal their car.  Their motive – money.  According to reports the three took $150 from the grandmother's pocket then planned to head to Wyoming. 

All three suspects appeared in court for the first time in person on Monday. 

Police reports also reveal that their accounts of what happened vary. The grandson, Kyle Drattlo told investigators his friend Chris Terry stabbed Drattlo's grandmother while she sat in her chair. 

Drattlo then said Terry tried to suffocate his grandfather with a pillow, then stabbed him and stomped on his chest, but Terry blames Drattlo for the attacks saying he had a ‘black out rampage.'

Terry's fiancé sided with him, saying she and Terry were locked in the bathroom while Drattlo killed his grandparents.

Many neighbors recount a rocky relationship between Drattlo and his grandparents. One neighbor says a week before she saw Drattlo yelling at Mary Fulgham.

Later, the neighbor says Mary asked her to pray for Drattlo because he had been hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Next month, prosecutors will decide if they are going to seek the death penalty. 

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