New 'Socialink' app helps keep people in touch

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Two former University of Arizona students are getting attention for a new app they have developed.

It is called 'Socialink' and it connects people on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Socialink's creators have been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, and the app has been downloaded thousands of times. For good reason, it makes it easier for many people to talk on social media, simply by using the Bluetooth function on people's phones.

The app allows one to connect with another person's Bluetooth and instantly connect with them over a number of social networks.   It supports all the big sites – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Tumblr.  It also allows people to connect over email, if someone else does not have the app.

As with all new products, this app aims to solve a problem.

One of the app's creators said when he met people, he sometimes could not find them on social networks because he could not pronounce or spell their names.

The app launched in December 2012 and has already been downloaded 5,500 times.

The team is still working on a version of the app for Android, but those with iPhones can download Socialink from the Apple Store right now.

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