BBB warning about new iPhone scams

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The newiPhones launched last week and are already setting off a new wave of scammerstrying to get people's money.

Two newversions of the iPhone, the 5S and 5C are on the streets; and so are thecriminals, trying to steal any dollar they can from people who have and do nothave the new phone.

TheBetter Business Bureau of Southern Arizona is issuing a warning about these newscams.  What people might be seeing whenscammed are – emails claiming they can win a new iPhone if they fill out asurvey, then the scammer takes the information provided and uses it against theperson.

There arealso scams linked to posts on Facebook and Twitter saying 'Click this link toclaim your phone'.

Many haveseen the long lines in front of the Apple Stores and know there is a hugedemand for the phones.

The BBBis stating there are not enough phones available for legitimate organizationsto purchase them for contests and sweepstakes.

Peopleare reminded to never give out their social security or bank account numbers,as well as to never give out credit card or driver's license numbers.  Any of it can lead to problems for thatperson's money or identity.

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