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Reid Park Zoo announces elephant pregnancy

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Semba on far right (Source: Semba on far right (Source:

By Brandon Murphy, Tucson News Now intern

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Reid Park Zoo in midtown has announced that one of their elephants, Litsemba (Semba), is pregnant.

The pregnancy was confirmed through a urinary hormonal analysis. Semba, a 24-year-old African elephant is expected to give birth sometime between late June and August of 2014. Breeding behavior was first observed between Semba and the zoo's bull, Mabu, last October.

The two elephants, originally living at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, were brought to Reid Park Zoo in 2012 after the opening of Expedition Tanzania.

Semba, who is an experienced mother, gave birth to her first calf, Punga, in March 2007, and her second calf, Sundzu, in December 2010, both at the San Diego Zoo. Punga, and Sundzu were moved to the Reid Park Zoo as a herd with their mother. 

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