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Affordable Care Act insurance plan prices announced

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The new national healthcare law will be going into effect in less than a week, with the Health Insurance Marketplaces starting Oct. 1. 

Right now people are getting a chance to see who much these insurance plans will cost. 

The Health Insurance Marketplace is where those who are uninsured, about 20 percent of the population in Arizona, will be able to buy insurance via exchanges. 

Here is a breakdown of plans:

Bronze – covers 60 percent of costs for insured, and is $214 a month.

Silver – this is actually two plans - both cover 70 percent of insured costs and cost either $248 or $252 a month.

These numbers for the moment are just averages though the actual cost per month will vary depending on the insured's age, area and health habits.   All of the information comes from Health and Human Services, and are before tax credits that will come into play for lower income residents.

All plan prices are actually $35 to $60 lower than the national average.  Experts are saying the lower prices are not a surprise due to competing insurance companies in the state.

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