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Today's Most: Convicted Thief Writes Nasty Apology Letter

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TODAY'S MOST...Ruthless letter sent by a criminal: This is stunning. A 21 year-old man in Hawaii wrote a brutally mean letter of apology after he plead guilty to a crime. Noah Perkins pleaded guilty to burglary and was ordered by the judge to write a letter to the family whom he had robbed. Noah Perkins wrote the letter, and was not apologetic at all. He wrote, "let me tell you I knew that you were full of s*** and that I'm not feeling sorry for you at all." He also threatened the family. As a result of the letter, the judge added nine years to the man's sentence. But an appeals court just reversed the judge's decision, saying the letter was not a probation violation in any way. Now there's a chance the man will get out of jail soon.

TODAY'S MOST...Interesting Treatment for a Gorilla: A gorilla named Patrick's being moved from a zoo in Texas to a zoo in South Carolina because he needs treatment for sexist behavior. The gorilla gets along well with humans, but can't seem to get along with other gorillas, especially females. He sneers at the female gorillas, and even bit one. Patrick will get his own habitat in South Carolina while the people at the zoo try to help him with his issues.

TODAY'S MOST...Unlikely charge for someone stopped at a DUI checkpoint: Unfortunately there's no video for this, but a man in Pennsylvania is charged with taunting a police animal. He was pulled over at a DUI checkpoint, and allegedly started barking at the K-9 officer named Chaos. Police say James Andrews started "barking, hissing, and growling at the dog." Andrews only faced a misdemeanor charge for DUI, but the taunting charge is actually more serious.

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