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Monsoon drops drought in Arizona

The monsoon winds down on September 30th with the official end to this year's numbers.

Monsoon data is recorded from June 15th through the end of September. 

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This year the rain made a dent in Arizona drought.

The image below compares the U.S Drought Monitor update from the start of the monsoon to this week's update, which will still be in effect at the end of the monsoon on Monday of next week.

As you can see, all Extreme and Exceptional drought was erased from the state. 

Below is a chart that shows how much the numbers have changed since the start of the monsoon.

Over 30% of the state dropped out of drought conditions in the last 3 months. 

With the end of the monsoon there is little hope drought conditions will continue to improve.

The average amount of rain drops off in October.

Check out the numbers at the Tucson National Weather Service.

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