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Faith Restored: a woman's house is once again her home

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A road turned into a river that washed intoEthel Beveridge's home in July 2012.

"(I) was in New York City and I got acall from my son saying, 'mom, there's water coming in your house.' I said,'well open up the front door and the back door and let it come in and out andcall the fire department and I said call Janet,'" Beveridge said.

"It was like, 'Oh my God, what are wegoing to do now?' Here's her house, the water's coming in one door and out theother like a river," said Janet Krug, Beveridge's neighbor and friend whoresponded that day.

Krug scooped up precious belongings, such asphotos of Ethel and her late husband Jim, and a family quilt from theirfiftieth wedding anniversary.

"Who's going to do this if you don'tjust step up and help out?" Krug said.

But the flooding left the house a dirty messand a health hazard that workers had to treat like sewage.

Two months later it still looked like aconstruction zone.

"To be homeless is pretty scary and Iwas, at that moment, homeless," Beveridge said.

Beveridge stayed with her daughter in NewYork.  Here's why: The water ran off of the Cortaro Road construction zoneand flooded her house.  The contractor's insurance company wouldn't payfor the damages.

"(They were) saying no, it is an act ofGod, and it's flood, don't you have flood insurance?  No, we don't live ina floodplain we're on the top of a hill," Krug explained.

At a community meeting at the Nanini branchlibrary last September we, and neighbors like Krug, demanded answers from thecontractor and the county.  Soon afterward, the insurance company made anoffer for repairs.

"I think the media exposure reallybrought things to a head," Krug said.

And by early this year, Beveridge's home wasready for her return.  The kitchen has new appliances and lights, thebathroom has a walk-in shower, and the floor is now tile.

"The house is actually better today thanit was before the flood," Krug said.

"Don't give up.  Just keepgoing.  The Lord has strange ways of making things happen," Beveridgesaid.

And Beveridge knows calling on her friend forhelp was the right move.

"That made me feel good, that so manypeople care," Beveridge said.

The exact amount is something that Krug saidthat they can't publicly discuss.  But she said that it covered 85 percentof the estimated cost.

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