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Police reports released on former TPD officer charged with sex assault

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

New details are emerging about a fired-former Tucson Police Officer who is now facing felony charges connected to sexually assaulting an inmate.

There was no answer at former Officer Ben Gaballa's northwest side home. He is now out on bond after he was arrested Wednesday on four felony charges including sexual assault and abuse. The victim is a woman he took to jail for some kind of a family fight.

It's what happened after she was arrested that has Gaballa on the other side of the law. Police reports Tucson News Now obtained show the victim stated Gaballa arrested her, they left her home and drove around for approximately 30 minutes. Gaballa found a place to park behind a Walgreens at Campbell and Grant and then had her get out of the backseat and uncuffed her, according to reports.

Part of the report detailing the alleged sex acts is redacted but at some point, it looks like the victim tried to run away. It goes on to say "she stated the officer ran after her, there was a slight struggle." The victim was then booked into jail where she filed the complaint with correctional officers.

Tucson Police swabbed the patrol car, clothing and other items the pair had, checking for any evidence.

"Things weren't matching up and they were verifying the complaints version of events than the officer," said Chief Roberto Villasenor.

When we caught up with Gaballa last month, he denied these accusations. Tucson Police Fired him for lying on a report, misrepresenting facts to his supervisor and mishandling evidence. The report shows detectives located a small amount of marijuana in a blue glove in Gaballa's duty bag along with a syringe. It was likely evidence from another case that never got booked.

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