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School accountant allegedly steals millions, stuffs money in bra

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TODAY'S MOST...Crooked school district accountant: A woman allegedly stole as much as $3 million dollars from her school district in California. Although they haven't released it to the public, police reportedly have video of Judith Oakes stuffing money in her bra before she left work. She worked for the Rialto school system for 25 years, and resigned after she was accused of stealing students' lunch money. After investigating, police think she might have been stealing for 7 years.

TODAY'S MOST...Bizarre fight over street barriers: Some people who live in one town in Pennsylvania are up in arms over new street barriers. They say the barriers look like penises. They complained to the city council. The barriers were put up on two streets to try to keep traffic from going off the roads and into yards. One council member wondered if the top of the barriers could be flattened, so they'd look less phallic.

TODAY'S MOST...Wonderful random act of kindness: A man sitting at a restaurant paid for the meal of a wounded veteran and his family. That's good enough. But it turns out many veterans come to the restaurant which is in Pittsburgh, and just about every week a customer will take care of the meal for the veteran. In this case, Glen Bootay says he was overcome, "it's an incredible feeling that someone would do that not just for me, but for my entire family." 

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