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Fake cop kidnaps woman on Cleveland's east side

Sunoco gas station near East 109th Street Sunoco gas station near East 109th Street

An investigation is underway after a woman was kidnapped by a fake cop in Cleveland early Monday morning.

"I just wish nobody ever had to go through what I went through," said the victim.

The female victim told police that she was driving in the area of East 123rd Street and Chesterfield between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. when she noticed a vehicle behind her blinking its lights.

"And he rolled up on me like if he was going to hit me so I pulled over and stopped he was that close to me," added the victim.

Believing this was a police vehicle, she pulled over and a man wearing plain clothes (not a uniform) approached her vehicle.

The victim said the man was wearing a gold detective type badge. He ordered her out of the vehicle and then handcuffed her and put her in the back seat of her own vehicle. He then drove the victim's vehicle with victim in the back followed by a second suspect driving suspect vehicle. The second suspect eventually stopped his car and got into the back seat with the victim.

The victim reports that the two men drove her around for some time asking her questions about a man named "Twins" who she didn't know. Then she said things got scary.

"The guy pulled out a gun and said I'll blow your f-ing head off, do you see this? And that's when I knew I was in trouble," the victim said.

After removing the handcuffs they finally stopped at a Sunoco gas station in the area of East 109th Street. The suspects let her out and drove away with her vehicle and property, including her cell phone and keys.

The victim's vehicle is a 2006 Cadillac DTS Ohio plate FRL4681, light blue in color. The suspect's vehicle is an older model Lincoln Continental four door, light beige/two toned in color.

The first suspect is described as a man in his late 40s, 5'9" - 6' with a stocky build and short hair and a mustache. This man was wearing a long sleeved white thermal shirt, a white t-shirt with blue print, blue work pants and black shoes. The second suspect is described as being 6'3 and very skinny. He was wearing a hooded zip up jacket with beige and brown stripes, mask covering part of his face.

If you have any information, call the Crime Stoppers. Fifth District Detectives are investigating.

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