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Local impacts due to government shutdown

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

With the federal government officially shut down the immediate impact that will be felt locally is at Saguaro National Park. 

It along with all National Parks across the country will be closed until there is a federal budget.  The workers are not the only ones that will be affected.  According to a spokesperson with Saguaro National Park 67 of the 79 National Park employees will be told to go home when they arrive at work today, they will be on furlough, and will remain so until a federal budget is agreed upon.

But employees are not the only ones that will be asked to go home.  Runners, bikers, hikers will have to find a new place for their morning exercise routine. 

According to a National Park spokesperson every gate, trail head, picnic area and scenic road except Picture Rocks Road will be closed.  Only 12 workers will work a full day tomorrow, they are considered essential staff – that includes law enforcement, fire, maintenance and the Superintendent but there is no guarantee yet if the will be paid for it.

Tucson News Now has also been told that those caught going beyond the gates will incur a misdemeanor citation.  This citation could cost up to $5,000 or six months in jail. 

The Park Service says they would appreciate everyone's support and hope people will understand they have to close the trails until there is a federal budget.

As for those who do get to go to work today, a majority of federal workers will, but the specifics are still unclear. 

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