Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to offer Affordable Care Act help to members

TUCSON, AZ (TNN) – The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has a trained navigator for its membership.  But it is still working on a system to help them in an orderly manner.  So it doesn't get overwhelmed like the national website Tuesday.

Carlos Ruiz, owner of HT Metals, is a raw metal distributor, and has five employees including his wife and himself.  Two of his employees are uninsured.

He said that when the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce begins offering help to the more than 1000 small businesses in its membership, his employees will be looking for answers.

Ruiz said that setting up insurance at his business would have put him up against restrictions on health and pre-existing conditions and even affected the rates that his family pays.  While the employees he has might not have wanted to pay for insurance yet, he said that it covers the unexpected for them.

"I think for the general population there's going to be some need to guide people because I find health insurance and comparing plans, just for myself, was difficult.  Once I got into to a plan, we just kind of stayed in that plan," Ruiz said.

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