Shutdown means reduction in FDA inspections

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The government shutdown means a reduction in FDAinspections. During the shutdown, everyday, routine inspections will no longertake place and staff will be cut.

The shutdown also means that there will be no tracking offood borne illnesses and no inspection of food imports.These inspections preventthe spread of disease.

Earlier this year, a Nogales vegetable produce warehouse wasput on an FDA import alert list after reports of a nationwide salmonellaoutbreak that hit 18 states and hospitalized more than a dozen people.

The shutdown means such inspections will be suspended.

Meat, poultry and egg inspections will continue.

Amy Adams, an official at the Fresh Produce Association ofAmerica worries for public safety during the shutdown.

"The produce is a living organism," says Adams."It's taking longer to get to stores, get to your table. There is a costassociated with the delay."

Lance Jungmeyer, another official from the Fresh ProduceAssociation of America, spoke with Congress and expressed the need forcompromise.

"It's time to put aside partisan bickering and get backto work," Jungmeyer says. "We have companies that are trying to dobusiness."

The FDA website will not be updating information forcustomers during the shutdown.

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