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Carpenter is OK after shooting himself in heart with nail gun

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TODAY'S MOST...Unbelievably lucky carpenter: The picture says it all. 58-year old Eugene Rakow came within inches of ending his life when he accidentally shot himself through the heart with a nail gun. The nail went through his heart twice! It then went into his sternum, which acted like a 2x4 and helped stop the nail from doing anymore damage. Two more millimeters, and the nail would have hit the coronary artery and that probably would have been the end for Rakow. He as building a deck for a friend when this happened. He says his first thought was, "Did I really do that?" He did, but luckily he's able to go back home to his wife and seven children.

TODAY'S MOST...Long-awaited check from the government for $500: A dog-owner in Montana just received the check from the government. That check is to replace money he lost when his dog ate five hundred-dollar bills. The dog, named Sundance, ate the bills back in April. The government said Wayne Klinkel had to prove to them that the dog did in fact eat the money. So, Klinkel and his daughter used rubber gloves, and spent time cleaning up after Sundance and finding the "evidence." After they taped up the old bills, they sent them in plastic bags to the government. Six months later - voila - Klinkel has his money back.

TODAY'S MOST...Interesting case involving medical marijuana: A mother in Colorado says medical marijuana has dramatically helped her son as he fights leukemia. So much, in fact, that she stopped her son's chemotherapy. She says that child services in Colorado is now investigating her. The woman says she moved to Colorado so she could get access to capsules that have oil from marijuana plants. She started a facebook page, and has pictures up which she says shows the dramatic difference in her son's condition.

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