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How the gov't shutdown impacts college students

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

How will the partial government shutdown affect students at the University of Arizona, as many students rely on federal money to help pay tuition?

The answer depends on how long the government shutdown lasts.

In the short term most students should not feel a change. However, the story will change if the shutdown continues.  There are less than 12,000 students at the U of A who receive some type of federal aid. 

Virtually all of those funds have already been paid out covering the fall semester; problems could arise with the winter semester if the shutdown continues.

Department of Education websites are open, but 94 percent of the staff is on furlough. 

This lack of funding also affects Pima Community College students as well, again for now students are fine, but they could feel the pinch in their pockets by the time winter semester hits.

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