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Today's Most: Judge orders man to avoid having a girlfriend

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TODAY'S MOST...Hysterical order from a judge: A judge in Nebraska ordered a defendant not to have a girlfriend. Seriously. Jeffrey Hoadley helped plan a burglary with another man and even drove to the scene of the crime, but turned away before actually committing the burglary. Judge Mark Johnson sentenced him to probation for 36 months, and ordered that he not get involved in any romantic relationships because "you need to focus on you." The judge also ordered Hoadley to pay an $1,800 fine, and said him turning away from the burglary proved he did have a moral compass.

TODAY'S MOST...Illegal Animal Sold on Craigslist: Someone tried to sell an Australian Bearded Dragon. Other people tried to sell tarantulas, lizards, and tortoises. The sellers were arrested as part of a sting operation in Florida, aimed at people who sell animals without a license on Craigslist. And it's not just strange pets, some people tried to sell lobsters and shrimp. Those people also didn't have licenses. All told, 33 people were arrested. The guy who tried to sell the dragon could face a $500 fine and up to 60 days in jail. 

TODAY'S MOST...Heart-warming homecoming court story: A high school in Michigan chose its homecoming court on Thursday, and a girl with down syndrome was one of those chosen. The students started a campaign last month to make sure Emily Jacobs received the honor. She said it made her feel special, and one of her fellow court members said, "we all knew we wanted her on it, the whole class came together. I'm so happy that she's on court." Emily is in special education classes at the school, and her mother said she's so happy that the other students at Rochester High School embraced her.


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