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Arizona Army National Guard shutdown day #4

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

There has been talk, although subdued, as to how many people might get angry enough to switch parties after getting the goings on in Washington.

Not many it seems.

"Typically, voter registration numbers are not real volatile," says Chris Roads, the county's Chief Deputy Recorder.

Not many people, if any at all, have changed registration due to the government shutdown.

To reach that conclusion, Roads checked the numbers for the past week and found 86 voters registered Democrat, 63 Republican and 350 Independent.

"That's been a long time trend, at least for the last eight years," Roads says.

As for the Arizona Army National Guard, it employs about 1600 federal employees, of which are 1100 are furloughed.

No one would talk on camera, but issued this statement.

"In compliance with the shutdown of the federal government, the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs has placed 1100 employees on emergency furlough.  These individuals are employed to support Arizona National Guard federal missions. In addition to the furlough, military unit training assemblies have been canceled and military travel is curtailed until further notice. The Agency continues to perform mission critical operations including all State Emergency Management functions which are not impacted by the federal budget."

One active duty soldier told us if the shutdown goes on for a while "even active duty personnel may be furloughed."

As far a social service agencies, Primavera Foundation says "we're able to keep all the services fully funded but the demand for services has increased."

That according to Michael Finkelstein, the Chief Development Officer.

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