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Today's Most: Congressman falls asleep while House is in session

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TODAY'S MOST...Embarrassing picture of a politician: Republican Congressman George Holding is so intent on ending the government shutdown as soon as possible, he found time to sleep in the House of Representatives while one of his colleagues railed against Obamacare! The picture says it all. Congressman Holding is from North Carolina. He was presiding over the House while Republican Louis Gohmert from Texas spoke about why defunding the Affordable Healthcare Act was so important. If you look at the video, Holding does snap out of his nap after a few seconds. But seriously, do politicians - either Democrat or Republican - need any more bad visuals while the government's shutdown?

TODAY'S MOST...Famous competitive eater who's now going to prison: Bill Simmons won the Wing Bowl eating championship 5 times. He even had has own nickname - "el Wingador." But now Simmons won't be eating anymore wings unless they're served by the prison food staff. He was sentenced to seven years in prison after pleading guilty to dealing cocaine. Simmons was so successful at competitive eating he even had his own brand of wings, and appeared in KFC commercials. But he says he started selling cocaine to make money after some businesses fell apart. He told the judge, "I'm willing to accept my punishment like a man."

TODAY'S MOST...Interesting vehicle ticketed by police: Police in Utah gave a ticket to an "abandoned" pink Barbie Jeep that was out on a street. Two sisters were playing with the battery-powered jeep, but left it on the sidewalk and then it went into the road. The police ticket was put on the jeep as a joke, and the girls' father says he's actually gotten quite a few real tickets in his life, so this is his favorite ticket ever.

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