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First major snow of the year

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While the calendar say October, October fourth, the northern plains are dealing with winter weather. A major winter storm that started in the Pacific northwest on Monday has been moving slowly across the northern portion of the Rockies. It has tapped into enough Canadian air that temperatures have been below freezing (32° F/0° C) for majority of the day in Western SD/ND and most of Wyoming. This storm is also extremely wet producing a lot of rain and plenty of snow on the western edge of the low. 

This snow is not fluffy or light. This is that dense snow that creates problems and can cause deaths if precautions are not taken. The good news is, as of Friday night, no deaths have been reported by the weather. Belle Fourche, SD is under a civil emergency: Travel is not permitted thru the night and power lines and trees were down across most of the region. Rapid City, SD is also seeing problems traveling and that is the case for most areas being hammered by this storm.

Here is the latest snowfall totals (select few) so far, and it is not over yet:

Lawrence, SD 37" Over three feet!!!
Marquette, 26"
Little Warm, WY 24"
Buffalo, WY 24"
Pennington, SD 20"
Meade, SD 20"
Shell Creek, WY 16"
Rapid City, SD 13.3"
Casper, WY 13"
Westin, WY 10"
Fall River, SD 6"
Perkins, SD 4"
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